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Stamford College Student Daniel Paice Publishes First Book, Prevailed Hope

Daniel and his book

It’s compelling the bravery shown by student Daniel Paice (19), who has shared his innermost thoughts and feelings experienced during his mental health journey in the pages of his first book, Prevailed Hope, a poetry anthology on mental health and hope.

After struggling profusely with his mental health for many years, Daniel turned to writing as a form of therapy, capturing his journey of acceptance and recovery in the form of a blog, The Sanity Mentality. Unknown to him at the time, Daniel’s honesty and conversational tone aided not only his journey to recovery, but also offered solace to others in their time of need.

The positive response to Daniel’s blog led to the idea of writing a book. A book that would help others by documenting a struggle with mental illness in the form of poetry and just a few weeks ago, Prevailed Hope, was published.

Although Daniel joined us here at Stamford College during a difficult time in his life, his inner strength shines. Not only is Daniel a published author at just 19 years of age, but he has also passed A Level English and continues his studies with our Access to Higher Education course, bringing him a step closer to a future career as a counsellor.

Daniel’s journey is one of great inspiration, and here at Stamford College, we are extremely proud of his achievements, resilience and continued enthusiasm. With one book published, another in the pipeline and a step closer to becoming a qualified counsellor, we wish Daniel all the very best for the future.

Prevailed Hope is available to buy in print and digital form from Amazon.

Here are just some of the reviews already received:

Deep, poignant and truthful writing

Bitter, sweet, harrowing read. Beautifully written, showing the fragility and vulnerability of life with a real truthfulness. Uplifting ending with a hint of joy left me wanting more. A real talent unearthed here.

An intense and beautiful read

Not normally a reader of poetry, but the book came well recommended by a friend. I found it intense yet also quite beautiful to read. So many pictures painted through Dan’s words and turn of phrase, often dark but always with a ray of hope, which is all we need.

A beautifully written anthology filled with raw emotion

As someone who suffers with their mental health, I felt a connection to a number of the poems in this anthology. It’s clear how much pain the author has suffered, and it laid bare on the page. A read I would thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in mental health.

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