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Safeguard donation prepares students for careers in frontline services

Many students every year choose the College’s Public Services course to kick-start their career in the forces, police or paramedic services.

New College Stamford is the latest College to receive a sample of bullet proof vests from Safeguard Clothing under its donation initiative. The brand’s premium body armour will give students hands-on experience in working with safety equipment and understanding how it relates to other aspects of their chosen field of work.

The College is committed to continually improving the quality of its courses and providing the best learning experiences possible. The college’s advanced Public Services department will benefit greatly from the donated SafeGuard equipment as it will bring to life learning about safety in the classroom. The use of the bulletproof vest will be reflective of the workplace environment for the aspirational careers that students will choose later in life.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of protection equipment to military, law enforcement and security operatives – the brand is known for the quality of its body armour that is well-suited to help students in their training for a career in the uniformed services.

Thomas Bowman, Communications Manager at SafeGuard, said, ”Our donations are intended to take student learning experiences to the next level inside the classroom. Students use and wear the bullet proof vest during lessons to gain a more realistic feel of how to apply safety equipment in their day-to-day activities in their future line of work as a public service official.”

SafeGuard Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of tactical body armour and is actively involved in research and development of finding new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for frontline services.

The brand’s outreach to education institutions through continuous donations is a testament to its commitment to public education on safety and risk. As part of their work with colleges, SafeGuard also provides guidance on the delivery of industry information to give students unique insight into the equipment commonly used in the Public Service field.

For more information regarding the College’s Public Services courses, visit the course page or contact us to book a tour.

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