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Performing Arts Students Explore Athens

Lucky Performing Arts students jetted off to the Greek capital to discover a wealth of ancient culture. Across a 5-day residential, students had plenty of time to explore the city which is home to more theatres than any other city in the world.

Students visited the 13,000 seat Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, which is considered to be the best amphitheatre in the world! Whilst they were there, they tested out the acoustics and treated tourists to an impromptu performance of their monologues on the stage where some of the first actors stood nearly 3000 years ago.

They also learned about life in Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology, that forms the narratives of some of the world’s most famous plays, visiting other Greek landmarks such as the world-famous Acropolis, the Parthenon, Temple of Zeus and the Ancient Agora. They even had the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views over Athens after climbing Mount Lycabettus.

As well as exploring the city, students also took part in a Greek Dance Workshop at the famous Dora Stratou Dance Theatre Studios and worked with renowned Greek Theatre Company Topos Allou; learning to make classic Greek theatre masks with the company’s Costume Designer and produce a performance of Greek Tragedy Eumenides alongside the company’s Director and Professional Actors.

Learning more about this particular style of theatre and working with a professional company was a great experience and very inspirational for students who will be producing their own theatre for their final assessments later this year.

Whilst they were there students also learned about the origins of theatre, how theatre came about to support Ancient Greek health and wellbeing, the national dance style of Greece and about staging traditional Greek Theatre.

Performing Arts Lecturer, Adam Fox said,

“This trip was a fantastic experience for our students to throw themselves into every opportunity that Athens had to offer. Working with Professional Greek Theatre and Dance Practitioners, visiting ancient archaeological sites and learning about Greek Mythology in the birthplace of theatre, was such inspirational experiences for us all. The lovely hot weather and rooftop pool were just a bonus!”

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