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Nina Secures Place at Royal Veterinary College London

Inspirational A Level student Nina Bunting-Mitcham finally celebrates securing her place at the Royal Veterinary College, London to study Veterinary Medicine after the devastating A Level results algorithm caused her results to be downgraded by an astounding three grades.

Reflecting on her time at Stamford College she said,

“Studying A Levels at college gives you the freedom to develop your independent study skills so you are better prepared for university. Thanks to the support I’ve had at the college I am now able to pursue my dream of becoming a Vet at Royal Veterinary College London”

Nina who studied Biology, Psychology and Chemistry, crusaded courageously to garner action against an imperfect system after her downgraded grades shattered her dream of attending one of the top veterinary schools in the UK.

After finally being awarded her rightful grades Nina said,

“I am so overwhelmed and happy with the outcome after what has been such a traumatic week.”

“I'm very grateful that I have many immensely supportive friends and family and peers, and the college are completely behind, they've been brilliant throughout all of this.”

Ahead of Results Day Nina said she felt confident after getting A*s, As and Bs in her mock exams and had her heart set on attending Royal Veterinary College and moving to London.

“At college, you are tested throughout the year which means you have a better indication of where you’re at and are able to revise and improve your grades if needed.”

Feeling like she was certain of the grades that she deserved, Nina believed the Ds she was awarded had to be an error. Standing up for herself and her fellow peers Nina courageously voiced her concerns on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions with School Standards Minister Nick Gibb,

“I have no idea how this has happened. It's got to be a mistake, I have never been a D-grade student. I feel my life has been completely ruined, I can't get into any universities with such grades or progress further in my life....You have ruined my life!”

Before the government decided to take a u-turn on awarded grades, Nina voiced her opinion to ITV News that it should have been her teachers that decided her final grades. She said,

“In my opinion the teachers are the best port of call, they know the students, they see them every day, they are the ones that mark the tests, they are the ones that know how they write the tests. They see them on their up days, their down days, their mediocre days, they see them struggling, they see them thriving and achieving so out of everyone I really think we need to go back to the teachers and reassess what they think and give students the grades that they deserve and they actually worked for.”

Stamford College stand by Nina and many others who have spoken out, and continue to support students in appeals they wish to raise, as an addition to a impressive pass rate, Stamford College has seen a three-year upward trend of a 4% increase each year, meaning calculated grades on historical performance isn’t an honest refection on the robust prediction process that were moderated and agreed by very experienced staff. Of which all are experts in their fields, and some are even examiners.

Alongside their regular studies, the A Levels team at Stamford College rigorously prepare students with assessments under exam conditions every 6 weeks or so throughout the two years to build confidence, exam technique and timing. We also run an A Level honours programme which includes The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Extended Project Qualifications, The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, and Mock University Interviews for Oxford and Cambridge.

With a range of subjects to choose from, a dedicated Sixth Form Centre and access to The Honors Programme and extensive UCAS support, there’s plenty of reasons to choose A Levels at Stamford College. For more information on what courses are available click here. Apply now, start this September!

Image Credit: East Anglia News Service

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