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Inspire Education Group Observes World Mental Health Day


Join Inspire Education Group (IEG), comprising of Stamford College, Peterborough College and University Centre Peterborough, in observing World Mental Health Day, on the 10th of October 2023.

Poor mental health can affect anyone. For students navigating the demands of further education and university study, managing their mental health can be particularly challenging. At IEG, we recognise our responsibility to create an environment that promotes student and staff wellbeing. Committed to our Wellbeing and Mental Health Charter, the Group has implemented a range of support services to ensure that learners thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Student Mentors

At Stamford and Peterborough Colleges, students are allocated a Student Mentor upon enrolment. Student Mentors work closely with each student, their parents/guardians and their lecturers, to help each learner settle into College life. From assisting with time management study skills, to offering regular tutorial and one-to-one sessions, our Student Mentors instill confidence, promote goal-setting and share coping strategies.

Welfare Teams

Based behind Reception at the Stamford campus, and next to the Common Room at Peterborough College, our Welfare Teams operate an ‘open door policy’, offering students the support they need to be healthy, happy and successful. Emotional support is also provided by our higher education provider, University Centre Peterborough, who work on an appointment basis. The University Support Team can be contacted via

Professional counsellors are also available to aid students during term-time on an appointment basis, arranged by the Welfare Teams. The service is strictly confidential, and can help learners to deal with any personal problems during their time at Inspire Education Group, including concerns about academic work, family and personal relationships, self-esteem issues, and a host of other problems.

The Welfare Teams can also help students to contact a wide range of external organisations for specialist support, including that related to bereavement, substance misuse, housing needs, domestic and sexual abuse and LGBTQ+ resources. This World Mental Health Day, Stamford College were proud to host representatives of this support network to their Mental Health Fair, including Mindspace, Peterborough Rape Crisis and Healthy Minds, Boxing Futures.

Peer Support Networks

Inspire Education Group recognises the power of peer support in promoting mental wellbeing. Students are encouraged to connect with their peers through various support networks and clubs, creating a sense of belonging and understanding within the student community. This fosters an environment where students can share their experiences and offer support to one another.

Inspire Education Group stands firmly behind its commitment to providing the support and resources necessary for students at Stamford College, Peterborough College, and University Centre Peterborough to flourish both inside and outside the classroom. Every student should have the opportunity to realise their potential, this World Mental Health Day, and beyond.


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