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Graphic Design Students Design Pump Clips For National Brewery

Stamford College Graphic Design students had the opportunity to work alongside award winning local brewery, Oakham Ales to create the original artwork for three upcoming ales! Congratulations to the following students whom had their designs picked by Oakham Ales.

Echo will be available in June (Jordan Vellam)
Echo is a cask aged Porter with a rich malt base. Hints of toffee sweetness from the malts are complemented by a spectrum of fruit flavours from an imaginative blend of hops.

Yonder will be available in July (Lauren Toynton)
Yonder is an aged IPA. It has herbal and tropical fruit notes balanced with a soft grapefruit bitterness.

Eclipse will be available in November (Jennifer Martin)
Eclipse is a Pale Ale combining two of our favourite Slovenian hop varieties, Wolf and Savinjski Goldings. This creates a refreshing beer with lemon, mango and floral characters.


Nick Jones, Off Trade and Export Manager at Oakham Ales, said,

"Following the success of our collaboration in 2019/20, we’ve been delighted to work with a new cohort of Stamford College Graphic Design students in 2021/22 - the project brief being to design a pump clip for Oakham Ales November 2022 Seasonal Beer.

From the initial briefing session, through the drafting of proposals, to the finalisation of the students’ pump clip designs we were hugely impressed by the speed with which the whole group grasped the imperatives involved in pump clip design and the imagination and hard work they displayed in developing their designs in line with our feedback.

So much so that not only did we finish up with a superb design for our November beer, but we’ve also used two further student designed pump clips for a pair of the new Oakham Ales beers being launched later this year.

Thanks to all of the students who took part and provided us with so many high quality design ideas to choose from and of course to Pam Mairs and the rest of the Stamford College staff team who supported and facilitated the project."

Students were able to put their skills to the test, developing the beer’s name and imagery to present to the brewers at Oakham Ales.

Graphic Design Lecturer Pam Mairs, approached Oakham Ales in 2019 to secure this exciting opportunity for her past and future students allowing them to get involved with a real live brief to add to their design portfolios.

She said, “Working with Oakham Ales has been a fantastic opportunity for my students to create original artwork for a real business and to gain experience in pitching artwork to potential clients”.

Find out more about Oakham Ales by visiting their website.


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