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Graphic Design Student Illustrates Children's Book

Graphic Design Students Illustrate Children’s Book "Gina Gets Lost"

Our talented Graphic Design students Lydia Miller has been busy working alongside children’s author Cathy Wilson to illustrate her new book and bring her imagination to life.

The students were presented with the brief last year and were delighted to have the opportunity to help illustrate this fun and creative children’s book, ‘Gina Gets Lost’.

The book is aimed 2-6 year olds and follows the story of a Giraffe that accidently leaves home, gets lost and has to make their way back home. A fun and informative story line to teach young children the key skills that could help them if they ever found themselves in a similar situation.

Students used this information to create an illustration that followed the storyline page by page bringing the book to life whilst engaging with their 2-6 year old readers – we think they’ve done a fantastic job!

Live briefs offer students a fantastic opportunity to put what they’ve learnt in to practice, work on a real project and begin to build their portfolio for future university and job application, giving them first-hand experiences working with clients and to deadlines.

‘Gina Gets Lost’ is now published and is available to buy on Ebay.

Lydia’s illustrations have been commended by Blogger ‘The Mum Diaries’

“The illustrations also accompany the story really well! And it really helped to keep my son engaged. She has done a fantastic job and I wish her well in her very prosperous career ahead of her.”

The book offers a great tool for parents to teach them valuable safety lessons in a fun and entertaining way. The reassuring tale helps children explore the world with confidence helping both parent and child feel prepared, should you ever become separated.

Some of the features include discussing facial/ emotional recognition patterns throughout the story, repetition which will help your child learn their personal details and finally develops language and communication skills. All of which play a crucial part in children’s development.

If you’d love to get involved with real briefs and creative experiences such as this our Graphic Design course would be perfect for you. Click here to find out more.

If you are interested in getting hold of a copy of “Gina Gets Lost” for your self click here.

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Read the whole review by The Mum Diaries here:

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