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Five Things You Could Achieve This Week

Finding productive motives can sometimes be tricky! Here are five things you could achieve this week.


1. Write or update your CV!


Use your extra time to update and improve your CV! New Col­lege Stam­ford has access to careers coach, an incred­i­ble ser­vice that allows you to search for careers data on wages, employ­ment, and any train­ing needed.

  • Take a Career Assess­ment to learn about your­self and Career Coach will give you career sug­ges­tions based on your interests.
  • Browse or search for the avail­able Cours­es that lead to the career you want.
  • Build you CV using our easy-to-use CV builder will help you cre­ate a pro­fes­sion­al CV.


Google Digital Garage

Google provides a range of incredible digital online courses. Many of the courses are free to complete.
Check out our recommendations below or search for yourself at:


2. Com­plete the Devel­op Your Career Plan’ course! 

Six Hours, Three Mod­ules & Free!


In this course, you will iden­ti­fy your strengths and achieve­ments, from there you’ll then be able to deter­mine your career plan. Not only will you be able to iden­ti­fy your tar­get pro­fes­sion, but also your pre­ferred sec­tors of activ­i­ty, type of com­pa­ny and regions or coun­tries, all adapt­ed to your ambi­tions as well as your skills, expe­ri­ences and abilities.”


3. Com­plete the Intro to Dig­i­tal Well­be­ing’ course.

One Hour, One Mod­ule & Free!


Tech­nol­o­gy plays a big part in most people’s lives these days, but how do you make sure it actu­al­ly improves your life rather than dis­tracts from it? In this mod­ule, you’ll dis­cov­er why a healthy rela­tion­ship with tech­nol­o­gy is so impor­tant, and how you can become more aware of your own online usage. You’ll also learn about the dif­fer­ent tools you can use to help you devel­op and main­tain healthy tech habits.”


4. Com­plete the Build con­fi­dence with Self-Pro­mo­tion’ course. 

One hour, one mod­ule & free.


Learn­ing to speak open­ly about your achieve­ments will help oth­ers under­stand your strengths and skills. In these course videos, we’ll dis­cuss self-pro­mo­tion and why it can be so dif­fi­cult, and also share prac­ti­cal tips on boost­ing your con­fi­dence and self-worth to enable you to progress fur­ther in your career.”

Learn how to learn

5. Com­plete the Learn to Learn’ course!

Six hours, four mod­ules and free.


To be suc­cess­ful today, you need to be con­tin­u­ous­ly adapt­ing, grow­ing and improv­ing your­self. In oth­er words, every­one needs to become a self-direct­ed life­long learn­er. In this course you will have access to dif­fer­ent tools and tech­niques to help you cul­ti­vate your capac­i­ty for learn­ing – and to allow you to choose a learn­ing path that best fits you.”

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