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Eden Loweth Launches Autumn / Winter Collection With Stamford College

After excelling in fashion studies at Stamford College, Eden Loweth progressed to Ravensbourne University and has since worked with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.

Eden's recently launched collection, XXVII, has been inspired by Eden's muses, women from the past and present who have inspired creatively or helped through career highs and lows, including our very own Rachael Cooper and Tara Coulson.

View the official video and lookbook

Stamford College students worked closely with Eden in preparation for the collection launch. Photography students produced the official images, media make-up students were backstage applying make-up, and fashion students assisted with styling.

Eden said, "the collection could be considered a sort of phoenix since it clearly represents the great ability we have to come back from hiatus and shine brighter."

"EDEN is born, and with it a designer's talent, still to be discovered in it's greatness.' - Mimma Viglezio

'XXVII' was thought, designed, produced and presented in Stamford, Eden's hometown, a shelter and (pun intended) eden during the past year.

The collection served as a hommage to the Doyenne of his women, they made part of the collection in collaboration with the contemporary artist Maggi Hambling. Prints of Hambling's seminal black ink drawings are used to create a limited numbered edition of crisp, white atelier coats and dinner shirts. A voluminous gown details the artist's 2019 painting 'Caged', transformed to trick its appearance, rivulets of black and white paint spliced apart to culminate in a bow at the centre back of the dress.

28 students from the college have participated in this project, by drawing, modelling, photographing or filming the collection along with some of his muses, to give the whole project an imperfect perfection, honest and original in all it's aspects.

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