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Eddi, The Trainee Therapy Dog, Joins The Stamford College Team

Eddi the Trainee Therapy Dog

Stamford College, part of Inspire Education Group (IEG), are proud to welcome a new member of staff, Eddi, the trainee therapy dog who is sure to bring a ray of ‘paws-itivity’ to students and staff alike.

Eddi, the black labrador retriever, has already been making regular visits to Stamford College as part of her development journey towards becoming a certified therapy dog and has begun to build a strong rapport with the students in our Skills for Work and Living department.

To settle into her new role and develop the skillset required to obtain certification, Eddi will be following strict instructions, but rest assured, there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to meet and greet our clever new employee.

Whilst learner-led interactions will assist in Eddi’s progression, her calm and docile disposition will support students in their own development. Research into the effect of dogs in learning environments reveals a host of benefits, including teaching interpersonal skills, improving motivation for learning and enhancing relationships with peers.

But Eddi’s talent knows no bounds, and as well as her role as Trainee Therapy Dog, she will also be assisting the lecturer in demonstrating how to undertake a health check and how to wash and groom a dog on the Skills and Working Living Horticulture course.

Welcome to the team Eddi!

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