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College Graduates from Design Agency ‘hue’ return to College

Hue – a local design agency based in Ketton and have created a very special connection with New College Stamford.

From Founder and Creative Director Mark Buttress to newly recruited Junior Designer Claire Hayes-Bowlzer, almost the entire team have learnt their craft and completed their professional qualifications at New College Stamford!

The agency have recently re-branded and in an interesting juxtaposition found themselves using their old College to work on their new launch. Former students Mark, Jodie, Paige and Claire joined Web Developer Pete in the College’s photo studio where photography student Leah Brown carried out a photo shoot of the team for their new website.

hue is a company that describe their work as “brave, bold and beautiful, saying that they love collaborating with people who aspire to unlock the unique value of their business through brand, design and digital communications. They care about what their clients do and why they do it and use their creativity to enable brands to achieve their objectives.”

This was a brilliant opportunity for our students to get out into the real working world and see exactly what it’s like taking a project from a client, and coordinating it from start to finish. The finished pictures can be seen on their website <... when you hover over the images of the team, they change to a different picture of them holding or doing something funny, adding fun personality and a comedic touch.

The students took all this information on board in the brief and really worked hard to achieve such a polished creative and fun piece. As can be seen from the pictures below, the level of work is great and hue themselves commended the students on their hard work and the level of the finished work.

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