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Catching up with our inspire+ Apprentices: Jack, Ellie and Jonnie

Stamford College’s PE and Sport Apprenticeships with inspire+ aim to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and behaviours around PE, Sport and Wellbeing in schools and allow students to work towards the roles of Community Activator Coach or Community Sport & Health Officer within school environments.

We caught up with three of our apprentices who have been busy making their mark within their schools.


Why did you choose to study an inspire+ Apprenticeship with Stamford College?

I have always been interested in sports and have played in football and badminton teams throughout my childhood. I wanted to do something that could get me into a career straight away. I knew I loved sport, working with kids and teaching so when I saw this apprenticeship I applied immediately as it sounded like exactly what I was looking for!

What skills have you learnt during your school placement.

It gave me experience in the job so I could be sure that I could and wanted to make a career of it. I’ve learnt a lot but the biggest thing was most probably how to be authoritative, this was through working with the kids in different situations. Each day I learnt something new which helped me to develop my confidence and ability to teach a lesson.

What did you enjoy about your apprenticeship?

I loved the learning whilst doing approach. By no means was I thrown in the deep end but I was gradually given more and more responsibility throughout the apprenticeship and it’s really empowering. I loved working with the children as well. I got to work with all age groups from Foundation stage to year 6 and getting to know the children and they can be so funny and a school is such a joyous place to be, there is always something going on.

What are your future plans?

At the end of my apprenticeship I was offered a full time Teaching Assistant role at the school which felt amazing and I couldn’t be happier with where I am now!


Why did you choose to study an inspire+ Apprenticeship with Stamford College?

I wanted to work to work in schools and I wanted to teach sport and be able to inspire children to get involved with something I love. My main drive is that I enjoy seeing young people and children develop and grow into better people and learn a whole lot more through sport.

What did you enjoy about your apprenticeship?

I enjoyed how much time I actually got to spend in school, I enjoyed learning new things and meeting new people.

What are your future plans?

I am still at the school where I did my apprenticeship but I have now moved into the role of an Enhanced Support Assistant. In the near future I hope to start my teaching degree. My ambitions are to become a teacher at a primary school level.


Why did you choose to study an inspire+ Apprenticeship with Stamford College?

I had already been volunteering in the school I did my apprenticeship in. It is an excellent school and the teaching staff were very helpful. I worked in the foundation year group during the week and was able to support PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday for my apprenticeship. It worked perfectly around my life and at the age of 42 I needed something that could do exactly that.

What did you enjoy about your apprenticeship?

I enjoyed my time with inspire+ and my PE apprenticeship. I would like to thank Marc my tutor and the rest of the inspire+ team for the opportunity and for all their support. The course was a lot of hard work, but fun at the same time. I couldn't of asked for a better tutor in Marc, friendly, good for a laugh, supportive and always there if you needed any help with your units.

What are your future plans?

Currently I am still at my placement school Driffield Church of England Infant School but at the end of the school year I hope to find a job as a Teaching Assistant or a PE Support Assistant.

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