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Black Lives Matter – Standing With Our Community – An Open Letter

As a college community, we stand together in feeling the pain and anger about recent events in the USA and across the globe. The Black Lives Matter movement has emphasised once again, how the power and necessity of robust education systems can be used strengthen communities, enrich lives and transform the world.

At New College Stamford we take our roles as educators very seriously and we encourage our learners to understand and respect one another. The movement has highlighted the importance of our role as educators to discuss racism, oppression and injustice and not shy away from conversations that may have felt uncomfortable for some in the past.

We know that to be part of the solution, we must acknowledge the problem, which is why we commit that as a college we will best serve the Black Lives Matter movement through genuine and long-term difference. As an institution of education, we will use our resources and position within society to stand up to racism and oppression in solidarity with our black communities in Stamford, surrounding areas and across the globe.

We have already begun working on integrating a number of thought-provoking material into our tutorial and curriculum programmes and we will continue to strive for greater diversity, awareness and understanding amongst our staff. We stand united, and we are committed to change.

It takes commitment from everybody to make real, meaningful change. Words are not enough, action is required and we invite our students, alumni, parents, carers and our local communities to let us know what more we can do, we welcome any suggestions, thoughts or concerns you may have via our comments link. Click here.

Please take time to read through some of the resources we’ve provided about the history and politics behind the Black Lives Matter movement. You can access these resources here.

We stand united, and we are committed to change. Black lives matter at New College Stamford and they always will.

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