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Alumni Student Opens London Fashion Week – Menswear

Alumni student Eden and partner/Art School collaborator Tom open up Mens Fashion wear at London Fashion Week with their Autumn / Winter 2019 show!

Recently we featured a story about Eden and Tom who have created their unique fashion brand ‘Art School’, which has recently received critical acclaim by being nominated for a British Fashion Award. Unfortunately, they didn’t win the award however, just being nominated for such a prestigious award is a huge achievement.

Since this happened a few weeks ago, Eden and Tom have been busy getting prepared for the next big showcase which was opening London Fashion Week. Eden’s Teacher, Rachel Cooper, who taught him when he studied fashion at New College Stamford got the chance to go along and support Eden and see the amazing work created by Art School.

Art School opened with their 9.00am show and their showcase did not disappoint. The show was amazing, the models came through the morning fog and emerged into the light. The show included some great tailored pieces as well as more fluid casual slashed looks. Each model and look was exciting and different. Art School are not just about the clothes that their models are wearing, for them, it is also about the performance and choreography of the routine and cat walk. I think because there are so many more messages you can send by using it as a performance area, rather than just a space to show pieces of clothing. As always something for everyone.

Another element that make Eden and Tom’s work so unique and different is the inclusion and expression of the LGBTQI community. The review featured in the ‘Vogue’ article notes “It’s hard to compute that it was only in 2017 that Art School placed gender-nonbinary performance presentations in the fashion domain with their first Fashion East show. They’ve since been part of the collaborative wave of expression of LGBTQI identities in London fashion that was initially formed by the caravan of creative people led by Charles Jeffrey with his Loverboy shows.”

Eden and Tom have done an amazing job and are right now one of the best emerging fashion brands in the country. Eden and Tom will continue their busy schedule by heading off to Milan next, closely followed by Paris.

Fingers crossed, when Eden and Tom’s schedule isn’t so busy, we hope to have them return and visit us at New College Stamford later this Spring. Hopefully they can come back and pass on some advice to our next cohort of excited fashion designers!

If you want to see some more great pictures from the event and a review from ‘Vogue’ click here.

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