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Air & Defence Student Preparing To Become Cyberspace Communications Specialist

AC Bradley Parker is a recent Air and Defence College graduate. After completing his GCSEs at secondary school, he joined Stamford College and alongside his Air and Defence College programme also achieved a Level 3 National Diploma in Computing, the equivalent of 3 A-Levels. After successfully completing Basic Training at RAF Halton, he is now preparing to become a Cyberspace Communications Specialist.

“My course provided me with first-hand experience in the world of cyber while I was completing my studies,” Bradley says, “I was also given the opportunity to attend unique trips and visit a host of cool places, such as an Air and Defence Airpower Conference, where we visited careers tents and got to see aircraft taking off and flying.”

“The best thing about attending the Air and Defence College is that you can gain transferable skills. You get to spend a significant proportion of time experiencing industry environments first-hand through work experience, industry-set projects which are co-designed by employers, completing the Industrial Cadets Gold award and regular RAF base visits.”

Working with leading industry partners

Alongside these opportunities that ensure our students are equipped with transferable skills, the Air and Defence College has a strong relationship with key industry partners.

These partners – from The Royal Air Force and Raytheon, to Thales, Leonardo and MASS – are at the centre of our programme of study. Together, they offer a unique blend of academic education and technical training, infused with an additional focus on sector-specific knowledge and a varied skill set to ensure our students are work-ready upon graduating.

Bradley attests to the strength of these relationships: “Attending Air and Defence College provided me with a platform to fast track my career, giving me the networks I needed and helping me discover what I wanted to achieve in the future.”

Supporting you every step of the way

Each college is set up with an Air and Defence College Coordinator who helps co-facilitate all activities between the three colleges. These include residential adventure training, regular talks delivered by RAF members and industry experts and STEM activities led by our partners. These College Coordinators can also support you with job applications, interviews and provide 121 sessions so you can receive a bespoke service throughout your time with us.

Bradley said: “The support I received was phenomenal and unlike anything I could have got elsewhere. When I started at the College, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do when I was older. Initially, I was considering a role as a drone pilot and didn’t know what other options were available to me.

“However, as part of my regular meetings with an Armed Forces Careers Officer, the College helped me to realise that I would be more suited to a career in Cyberspace. If it wasn’t for this 121 support and having someone available to talk to and guide me through my options, I would never have considered pursuing a role in this area or have known how much I would enjoy and succeed in it.”

Dare to achieve more

After graduating from college, Bradley chose to continue with further education, embarking on a degree in the armed forces. Once he finishes his degree and has completed his initial minimum length of service, Bradley aspires to be a high-ranking officer and feels he owes his ambitious career plans to the College for giving him the pathway to success.

“Making your way up the ranks can be extremely difficult if you don’t how to get there,” Bradley concludes, “but the college provided me with extensive background knowledge, important points of contact and the qualifications I needed to achieve my career goals which is something I’m extremely grateful for.”

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