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These results are a suggestion of courses you may want to explore but are by no means a definitive list and individual entry requirements do apply.

What Happens Next?

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All appli­cants await­ing GCSE results will be giv­en a con­di­tion­al offer of a place at Stam­ford Col­lege. Dur­ing enrol­ment, we will review each appli­ca­tion on a case-by-case basis, and exten­u­at­ing cir­cum­stances will be con­sid­ered should you not meet the entry require­ments of your cho­sen course.

Our place promise means that what­ev­er your grades, please be assured there will always be a place at Stam­ford Col­lege for those who want to work hard and achieve their goals.

Meet The Tutor

For all oth­er cours­es (i.e. those that do not require a Per­son­al State­ment or Inter­view), if you are giv­en a con­di­tion­al offer, you will be invit­ed to a Meet the Tutor’ event. We invite all appli­cants, so it’s a great chance to meet oth­ers that have applied to your course. You will meet your tutor, who will tell you more about what you will study, the work expe­ri­ence you will under­take, the trips and vis­its you will go on, the uni­form or kit you might need and oth­er Col­lege activ­i­ties you can get involved in.

Taster Day

Fri­day 30th June 2023

You will be invit­ed to attend our Taster day which is a full-day expe­ri­ence to sup­port your tran­si­tion from school to Col­lege. It’s a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet new stu­dents, try out your bus route and spend a day with us explor­ing Col­lege life.

Sum­mer Assignment

Some cours­es require you to com­plete a sum­mer assign­ment before you start your course. It is impor­tant you take care to com­plete this as instruct­ed as it may impact your enrol­ment on to the course.


Transport and Financial Support

Information about how to apply and pay online for your College bus pass and how to apply for financial support for uniform or equipment will be sent to you during the Summer holidays. Find further information by following the below links.


From Thursday 24th August 2023

At enrolment, you will officially become an IEG student. You will meet your tutor and receive your induction timetable and start date. You will also be able to speak with any of our student support teams to ensure you are all ready to start your journey with us.

5 Step Enrol­ment Process

We have put togeth­er 5 sim­ple steps that you’ll need to take to enrol on to your cho­sen course, if at any time you have any issues with these you are able to con­tact the enrol­ment team on MIS@​IEG.​ac.​uk.

We rec­om­mend you apply with an email address that you reg­u­lar­ly check and have access to (not a school one) and ensure all details are accu­rate (spelling, phone num­bers etc) as we will com­mu­ni­cate through email and phone if there are any updates or prob­lems with your application.

Step 1- You will have received your Appli­ca­tion Con­fir­ma­tion’ and Offer’ via email. Please ensure you have Accept­ed’ your Place.

Step 2- In the sum­mer, you will receive an email invit­ing you to com­plete the online pre-enrol­ment process.

Step 3- You will then be pro­vid­ed with the day and time you need to come in to Col­lege to enrol. 

This will be from Thu 24 Aug to Fri 1 Sep 2023 depend­ing on which day your course is allo­cat­ed to enrol. You must ensure you bring evi­dence of your grades / qual­i­fi­ca­tions to this appointment.

If you have not got the qrades / qual­i­fi­ca­tions you need, try not to wor­ry, we are very expe­ri­enced in ensur­ing you are placed on the right course and a Course Tutor will be avail­able to dis­cuss this with you.

Step 4- Once you have com­plet­ed your enrol­ment, you will be giv­en your offi­cial stu­dent ID badge, course timetable and details of what will hap­pen on your first day.

Step 5- Attend your first day.


Term Starts

From Monday 4th September 2023

Returning Students

You will receive an email on GCSE Results Day to the email address you applied with when you completed your internal progression (please check your junk folder).

Please read the instructions carefully as it will contain all the information you need, including a step-by-step guide to support you to complete your enrolment online. There will also be further guidance on how to apply for Transport, Financial Support and Free School meals.

As long as you have access to a device (mobile phone ,tablet or computer) and a connection to the internet you can complete the Getting Ready for College enrolment process anywhere.

You will need your GCSE results to enrol.


College News

News Updates

We will regularly get in touch with you about interesting news regarding your course and College news. If you would like the opportunity to take part in online icebreakers with other new students, request access to our Facebook group by clicking here.
We are also regularly on Instagram stories answering any questions that you may have about College life.


What is a con­di­tion­al offer?

A con­di­tion­al offer is where upon review­ing your appli­ca­tion, we pro­vide you with a place at the Col­lege in Sep­tem­ber on the con­di­tion that you meet cer­tain standards.

These will be high­light­ed to you in your offer let­ter and could include:

  • Achiev­ing set grades in your exams
  • Suc­cess­ful­ly com­plet­ing a sum­mer assign­ment to the required standard
  • Sub­mit­ting a project or portfolio

What if I don’t get the grades?

Don’t wor­ry!

We have a very effective​‘6 weeks to suc­cess pro­gramme’ that we have been devel­op­ing over a num­ber of years which ensures you are mon­i­tored care­ful­ly and sup­port­ed appro­pri­ate­ly whilst tran­si­tion­ing from school to col­lege. This includes sup­port such as (but not lim­it­ed to):

· Allow­ing you to change cours­es if you change your mind (sub­ject to avail­abil­i­ty)
· Mov­ing you between course lev­els if you are find­ing your cur­rent lev­el too easy /​too hard (sub­ject to avail­abil­i­ty)
· In some cas­es, incor­po­rat­ing Eng­lish and maths GCSE in to your timetable if you don’t meet the grades you need
· Pro­vid­ing access to addi­tion­al learn­ing sup­port should you need extra sup­port in the class­room or assess­ment for learn­ing resources
· Reg­u­lar meet­ings with your Stu­dent Advi­sor, who will get to know you and ensure you are hap­py and engaged with your course
· One-to-one reviews with your aca­d­e­m­ic tutor to dis­cuss your progress

What is a place promise?

What­ev­er your grades, please be assured there will always be a place at Stam­ford Col­lege for those who want to work hard and achieve their goals. We are extreme­ly well qual­i­fied and expe­ri­enced in ensur­ing stu­dents are placed and sup­port­ed on the right course and at the right lev­el. This is to ensure you take the right step into fur­ther edu­ca­tion. One of the ways we do this is through a very effec­tive 6 week Steps to Suc­cess’ pro­gramme that oper­ates from the first day you start your course.

When will I hear about start­ing College?

You will receive your timetable at your enrolment. 

Will I be able to come into Col­lege before my course starts?

The upcom­ing taster event is your oppor­tu­ni­ty to vis­it the Col­lege before you start in Sep­tem­ber. More infor­ma­tion regard­ing the taster event will be avail­able soon.

Will we get dis­counts? Such as UNIDAYS?

Yes, your stu­dent email address will allow you to make an account with UNI­DAYS and Stu­dent Beans, your ID badge will also allow you to get dis­counts in some shops.


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