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Visual Impairment (VI) team

At Stamford College, our dedicated Visual Impairment (VI) team is committed to supporting students with visual impairments, helping them to excel in their education and beyond.

Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring an inclusive and enriching learning experience:

  • From uncontracted and contracted braille literacy to touch typing, we provide the tools for effective communication and independence.

  • Our students benefit from assistive technologies like JAWS/NVDA screen readers and braille displays, enabling them to access digital content effortlessly.

  • The VI team maintain close contact with lecturers and Learning Support Assistants to provide specialist training sessions, to modify and transcribe all learning resources, and to produce 3D models, tactile diagrams, braille & large print diagrams, to the individual needs of each student. This ensures every learner can fully engage with the curriculum and achieve their academic goals.

  • In addition to academic study, the VI team also assist with the learning of independent living skills, such as cooking, laundry, and money management.

  • College-wide, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, which is why the VI team also offer enterprise skills training. Our students gain valuable insights into professional fields through presentations and Q&A sessions led by inspiring speakers.

  • Enrichment opportunities such as music lessons and arts & crafts classes are also available, helping to boost learners’ confidence.

  • Plus, say hello to the gorgeous Broady! Broady is the Guide Dog of our VI Support Coordinator, Jane, and attends College to offer a helping paw with obstacle detection, route familiarity and social interaction.

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