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Transferring course

Stamford College offers higher education students the opportunity to transfer their studies, whether that is from one course to another at Stamford College, or to or from another institution. Transferring your studies is a big decision and you should talk to your current institution for advice and guidance before you submit an application.

Transfers within Stamford College

If you wish to transfer higher education programmes at Stamford College, there are several things you need to consider before making your final decision:

  • Your student loan eligibility may be affected if you transfer programmes.
  • You must have met with the Programme Leader of the course that you wish to transfer to, in order to discuss your suitability for the course and modules you will be studying.

If you require any further guidance before making your decision, you can discuss this with your Programme Leader and / or the Information and Guidance team.

Once you have made your decision, you will need to complete the transfer form available from your programme leader.

Transferring to Stamford College

Stamford College welcomes higher education applications from students currently enrolled at another institution. We would recommend that anyone considering transferring between institutions seeks guidance from:

When you have made your decision, you will need to apply through UCAS or directly to Stamford College. You will need to withdraw from your current institution before you join Stamford College. You should make sure you have completed all necessary assessments successfully if your offer of a place is conditional upon you doing so.

Stamford College has facilities to acknowledge credits undertaken prior to study at Stamford College. This can either be used to demonstrate meeting entrance requirements for courses or to join a course at a higher level. The policy is called Code of Practice of Accreditation Prior Learning (APL), more information can be found on our policies and procedures page.

Transferring from Stamford College

If you are considering studying higher education at another institution, but you are currently enrolled at Stamford College, you should seek guidance from:

We would recommend that you complete your current year of study as you may be entitled to an intermediate award if you have passed a whole year. You will need to withdraw from Stamford College before you enrol at the institution you are transferring to.

If you have passed modules on your higher education programme, you are entitled to a transcript of credit. You can request this from our the Quality Office:

Your student finance and the impact of changing University

The timing of your move to another University will be an important factor. Your particular circumstances at the time of your transition – such as which programme you are moving form and to – will also be considered.

Transferring within the same academic year usually means your funding can be carried over.

If you begin at your new University at the start of a new academic year (starting again), having studied part of the year with us, you may not be able to claim money back for the year you didn’t finish. Student finance is usually available for the ordinary length of your programme plus one additional year, and a single day of study on a previous higher education programme can count as a year when calculating your funding entitlement.

In the case of a three-year programme, you could finish one year of study and still be entitled to three further years of support. However, if you transfer during your second year and begin another course from the beginning (totalling five years of study), you may have to self-fund part of it.

You should always seek advice about your entitlement to student finance if you are considering a transfer, particularly if you have previous study from another higher education programme, or your studies started before September 2016.

Student Finance England have more details online – it’s vital you keep them up to date with any changes as soon as possible Student Finance England

UCAS also have information to help you

Other options open to you

If you are concerned that your current higher education programme isn’t right for you, or have personal circumstances that are making continuing difficult, there are several options you can consider. These include intercalation (taking time out from studying), transferring between higher education programmes within Stamford College, or withdrawing completely from higher education.

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