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Staying Safe on Campus


  • Please don’t move any of the chairs, desks or equipment. 

  • We have arranged each class­room to ensure you can be taught safe­ly and meet social dis­tanc­ing measures. 

  • Choose your seat and stick with it. This will be your per­son­al­ly allo­cat­ed chair and desk. 

  • Use your own equip­ment. Please don’t share any items like pens or paper with oth­er students. 

  • Need to leave the room? Please let your teacher know before leaving. 

  • Need to sneeze or cough? Each class­room will have a box of tis­sues, use them, bin it straight away and wash your hands. 


Our cater­ing facil­i­ties will be open for you to use, how­ev­er there will be social dis­tanc­ing mea­sures in place and increased clean­ing will be undertaken. 

To avoid over­crowd­ing in social spaces at lunchtime, you can eat in class­rooms. Please ensure you main­tain social dis­tanc­ing and tidy up after you have eaten. 

You can bring to Col­lege your own packed lunch and you can also use the vend­ing machines at all cam­pus­es but please remem­ber to sani­tise your hands both before and after using them. 

All groups will be colour cod­ed and will only be able to use our cater­ing facil­i­ties at des­ig­nat­ed times. 


You will be able to use the social spaces at all cam­pus­es, how­ev­er there will be a reduced num­ber of tables and chairs to main­tain social dis­tanc­ing measures. 


Our facil­i­ties team will be very vis­i­ble across the cam­pus, with increased clean­ing tak­ing place. 


To help keep you safe, only a lim­it­ed num­ber of peo­ple will be able to use the toi­lets at any one time. There will be sig­nage on the toi­let door to advise you of this. Please check how many peo­ple are in the toi­let before entering. 


We recog­nise that some stu­dents will be anx­ious about com­ing to Col­lege. We will imple­ment a sys­tem of badges which can be worn by any mem­ber of staff or stu­dent who wish to visu­al­ly indi­cate to oth­ers to take extra care around them. 

This might be because of their own health con­di­tion or because they live with some­one classed as vul­ner­a­ble or sim­ply because they want addi­tion­al pro­tec­tion. Badges can be col­lect­ed from recep­tion areas at both campuses. 


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