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Understanding Domestic Abuse

Practical Vs Theory


Course overview

The annu­al Crime Sur­vey esti­mates that almost 2.5 mil­lion adults expe­ri­ence domes­tic abuse each year. In addi­tion, one in five chil­dren wit­ness or expe­ri­ence domes­tic abuse in their child­hood. Although it is often an under-report­ed crime, with most cas­es of domes­tic abuse kept hidden. 

The new Domes­tic Abuse Act 2021 makes pros­e­cut­ing domes­tic abuse more straight­for­ward, and offers more pro­tec­tion to those who are being abused, but cas­es still need to be iden­ti­fied and respons­es need to be effective. 

This qual­i­fi­ca­tion is for any­one who has a respon­si­bil­i­ty to respond to domes­tic abuse or sup­port those expe­ri­enc­ing domes­tic abuse. This includes employ­ers, teach­ers, health and social care work­ers and any­one involved in safe­guard­ing vul­ner­a­ble adults, chil­dren or young people.

This qual­i­fi­ca­tion is suit­able for learn­ers aged 19 and above.


Entry Require­ments

You must be 19 or over to be able to apply for this course.

How The Course Will Be Assessed

You will be assessed via an online port­fo­lio of writ­ten work

Addi­tion­al Information

Entry is at the dis­cre­tion of the Cen­tre. How­ev­er, learn­ers should be aged at least 16 to under­take the qualification.

There are no spe­cif­ic rec­om­mend­ed pri­or learn­ing require­ments for this qual­i­fi­ca­tion. How­ev­er, learn­ers may find it help­ful if they’ve already achieved a Lev­el 1 qualification.

For more infor­ma­tion con­tact Job­s­mart on:

Tel: 01733 863068
Email: jobsmart@​peterborough.​ac.​uk

Poten­tial Future Career

Learn­ers who achieve this qual­i­fi­ca­tion could progress to:

  • Lev­el 3 Cer­tifi­cate in Under­stand­ing Men­tal Health
  • Lev­el 3 Award in Coun­selling Skills and Theory
  • Lev­el 3 Award in Skills for Work­place Health Champions
  • Lev­el 3 Award in STEPS Towards Sui­cide Reduction
  • Lev­el 3 Award in Health and Social Care
  • Lev­el 3 Cer­tifi­cate in Health and Social Care
  • Lev­el 3 Diplo­ma in Health­care Support
  • Lev­el 3 Cer­tifi­cate in Prepar­ing to Work in Adult Social Care

Course Con­tent

This qual­i­fi­ca­tion is designed to increase learn­ers’ aware­ness and under­stand­ing of domes­tic abuse and its impact. The need for edu­ca­tion and train­ing across sec­tors to enable iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of abuse, allo­ca­tion of sup­port and refer­ral is a recur­ring theme with­in region­al domes­tic abuse strategies.

Aware­ness of domes­tic abuse and its impact is impor­tant for those work­ing in a wide range of sec­tors such as health­care, social care, child­care, edu­ca­tion, and hous­ing. There is a need to under­stand the issues, report on those who may be at risk and sup­port sign­post­ing to rel­e­vant services.


Infographic_ALevels1 Infographic_ALevels2 Infographic A Levels4 Infographic_Access HE1 Infographic_Access HE2 Infographic_Access HE3 Infographic_Access HE4 Infographic_Accounting2 Infographic_Accounting1 Infographic_Accounting3 Infographic_Accounting4 Infographic_Air Defence1 Infographic_Air Defence2 Infographic_Air Defence3 Infographic_Animal Care1 Infographic_Animal Care2 Infographic_Animal Care3 Infographic_Animal Care4 Infographic_Apprenticeships1 Infographic_Apprenticeships2 Infographic_Apprenticeships3 Infographic_Apprenticeships4 Infographic_Art Design1 Infographic_Art Design2 Infographic_Art Design3 Infographic_Art Design4 Infographic_Bricklaying1 Infographic_Bricklaying2 Infographic_Bricklaying3 Infographic_Bricklaying4 Infographic_Business1 Infographic_Business2 Infographic_Business3 Infographic_Business4 Infographic_Carpentry2 Infographic_Carpentry1 Infographic_Carpentry3 Infographic_Carpentry4 Infographic_Catering Hosp1 Infographic_Catering Hosp2 Infographic_Catering Hosp3 Infographic_Childcare3 Infographic_Childcare1 Infographic_Childcare2 Infographic_Childcare4 Infographic_ITComputing1 Infographic_ITComputing2 Infographic_ITComputing3 Infographic_ITComputing4 Infographic_Construction1 Infographic_Construction2 Infographic_Construction3 Infographic_Construction4 Infographic_Counselling2 Infographic_Electrical1 Infographic_Electrical2 Infographic_Electrical3 Infographic_Electrical4 Infographic_Fashion1 Infographic_Fashion2 Infographic_Fashion3 Infographic_Graphic Design1 Infographic_Graphic Design3 Infographic_Graphic Design4 Infographic_Hair Beauty1 Infographic_Hair Beauty2 Infographic_Hair Beauty3 Infographic_Hair Beauty4 Infographic_Health Social1 Infographic_Health Social2 Infographic_Health Social3 Infographic_Health Social4 Infographic_Media1 Infographic_Media2 Infographic_Media3 Infographic_Media4 Infographic_Motor Vehicle1 Infographic_Motor Vehicle2 Infographic_Motor Vehicle3 Infographic_Motor Vehicle4 Infographic_Music1 Infographic_Music2 Infographic_Music3 Infographic_Music4 Infographic_Perf Arts3 Infographic_Perf Arts1 Infographic_Perf Arts2 Infographic_Perf Arts4 Infographic_Photography1 Infographic_Plumbing2 Infographic_Pub Serv1 Infographic_Pub Serv2 Infographic_Pub Serv4 Infographic_Sf WL2 Infographic_Sf WL1 Infographic_Sf WL3 Infographic_Sf WL4 Infographic_Sport1 Infographic_Sport2 Infographic_Sport3 Infographic_Sport4 Infographic_Teaching1 Infographic_Teaching2 Infographic_Teaching3 Infographic_Teaching4 Infographic_Travel Tourism1 Infographic_Travel Tourism2 Infographic_Travel Tourism3


Chloe, who achieved DDD, said, Stam­ford Col­lege helped me to be more inde­pen­dent and take respon­si­bil­i­ty for my own learn­ing and future. I am now off to De Mont­fort Uni­ver­si­ty to study Marketing.”

Chloe Joyce



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