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Skills For Work and Living - Work Experience

Ability not disability

The life prospects of a special educational needs (SEN) student are massively improved when they get a helping hand into the world of work. As well as boosting their confidence, work experience gives our young people a chance to show what a positive contribution they can make to an employer and your customers.

Our students have a brilliant track record with local employers in a range of areas. All placements are fully supported by a specially-trained work coach meaning there’s no additional support needed from your business. Our students have challenges but they are hard-working, enthusiastic and eager to support and learn from you and your team.

Our students have made a huge difference to so many businesses and we’d love chat with you to discuss what they can offer across many sectors. We also have a glowing recommendations from top employers in the area.

Our success stories

Getting work experience on track

Land Rover Experience, Rockingham

Our students were the first to ever gain work experience at this prestigious corporate training site with tasks spread across the off-road course and cleaning the vehicles. The employer laid on a special program designed for the students including clearing the tracks, building a new part of the course and ensuring the Land Rovers were ready for the next clients.

Helping support our heritage

National Trust Woolsthorpe Manor, Colsterworth

We feel extremely lucky to have been able to engage the support of the staff here in obtaining work experience for one of our students. He has been working here in the café, admirably supported by the staff there who have gone out of their way to learn sign language in order to communicate with our student who is profoundly deaf. These efforts combined with those of our learning support assistants have encouraged the student’s confidence so much that he no longer needs a signer to interpret for him; he lip reads and signs for himself. He has established a real rapport with the staff and customers and is now a welcome team member of whom we are very proud.

Part of the community

Don’t Lose Hope Café, Bourne

This very special little café in the heart of Bourne has Bourne’s wellbeing at heart. It provides a drop-in centre and venue for workshops and events offering support to people who need it or just someone to talk to. The staff are kindness itself and it has been a real privilege for our students to work among them and learn from them that sometimes a cup of tea and a piece of cake delivered with a friendly smile can make all the difference to someone’s day.

Saloon selective

The End Hair Salon, Bourne

This small but highly successful hair salon has been a good friend to the college over the years, taking on our Hair and Beauty students and giving them invaluable working experience to increase their portfolios. More recently, the owner Greg Warren has opened his doors to our Skills for Work and Living students, and now our Mollie is able to learn the skills for what she really wants to do – make everyone’s hair look as cool as hers!

George’s Fish Bar, Bourne

Another big hand to the business owners of Bourne for opening their doors to our students and giving them a chance to work! Within hours of starting at this friendly fish and chip shop, Ryan was preparing chips as if he’d been doing it for years and our learning support assistant was told she would not be needed! Ryan came out with free chips as well – he just needs to learn how to share them!


As you can see, we’ve found work experience placements for our students in a huge variety of places – and we’re always finding more! We can help YOU find what you want to do, support you in the placement, help you with transport there and back, answer your questions and deal with any worries you might have (Everyone has them!).

You can talk to your Course Co-ordinator about work experience placements, and you can also come and talk to us about the kind of work experience or job you think you’d like to do.

You may want to try different kinds of jobs – that’s fine, it’s a good way to find out what you really want to do. We can arrange a ‘taster day’ with employers. That way, if you try it for a day and decide it’s not right for you, it’s ok, you don’t have to go back.

Parents - We need you!

Our success in finding work experience placements can be increased enormously with your help!

You know your child and what they want to do – if you know of a potential employer who might be able to offer work experience, perhaps a friend or family member, or maybe just an idea you’ve had, let us know! We can help get it all set up!

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It has been an honour working with Ben. The dedication within himself has led to excellent results! - Rob Bradshaw, Posh Football Ground.


I love coming to New College Stamford, I have made a lot of friends, grown in confidence, and gained real life work experience!


Joshua completed work experience with One Touch Soccer School, he helped to plan a training session and assisted with the 16+ Academy.

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