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Parents/Carers Guidance

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At Stamford college, we work together to keep staff, students and the wider community safe. Regarding health and wellbeing, we ensure that our students know that there are people they can come to for support regarding any concerns that they may have about their mental health. However, we appreciate it can be hard to speak about mental health.

We want parents and guardians to know that they can come to us with any concerns they have about their child's emotional wellbeing.

To arrange a meeting regarding your child's wellbeing you can contact the Safeguarding Team on 07810161010 or you can send them an email at

Information on Health and Wellbeing at Stamford College is also available:

If you would like support regarding your child's wellbeing, services are available as well as speaking to us at the college. Some of the available services can be accessed online. Below are some of the available services.


If you or anyone you know needs mental health support in a crisis - call 111 and select the mental health option to speak to an NHS professional - they are available 24/7.


A free anonymous online wellbeing support service available every day for young people and parents who seek professional support.

Kooth has developed a brochure to help parents/guardians understand and be aware of signs that may show warnings of mental illness in young people. This brochure also contains tips on how to start conversations with young people regarding their mental health. Read the brochure here:

They offer a variety of sessions to help better understand their service. Sessions are available to help parents and guardians understand what support their children can gain from this service.

More information is available at:

Join Kooth Information Sessions for Parents an Carers.

How Are You (H.A.Y) Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

How Are You is a website that gathers all of the local activities, groups and services that help boost wellbeing. This can also help them connect with others, get active, learn new skills and become more creative. If you live in the Cambridgeshire area this website can help come up with things that may help your child. Visit the website for more information:

This May Help: Advice for supporting your child's mental health

This may help is a service available for parents and guardians that have concerns about their child's mental health. The website has been created with the help of people that have experienced mental health challenges. The subjects on the website have helped people in the past so the information available may be helpful to you.

Areas covered on the website include school avoidance, eating disorders, teenager safety, self-harm, gaming and online activity and child mental health.

More information is available on their website:

New Resource - For Parents and Carers

We have recently published a new resource for parents and carers of young people to help them better understand Prevent and what they can do to protect their child from extremism and radicalisation. The resource comes in two formats – a slide pack that you can use for the delivery of training and workshops, and a leaflet that can be accessed by parents and carers in their own time.

Useful Links

Below are some websites that offer help to parents and families that are experiencing emotional health issues as well as other issues that young people and families could be experiencing.


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