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Department overview

The Eastern School of Performing Arts offers the opportunity for students that are inspired by the Performing Arts to develop and flourish in a vocational and industry-based environment. All of our performing arts courses are delivered by industry-experienced professionals, enabling you to gain the knowledge and skills that are required to take the next steps in your education and training.

Throughout your programme, you will explore a wide range of performance-based techniques, develop your communication and social skills and explore the pathway that is right for you. You will be provided with an environment where you are consistently collaborating with like-minded individuals, but also where you are able to explore and play.

The Eastern School of Performing Arts strives to provide exceptional performing arts training to students who are driven, talented and focused, and have real aspirations of working within the performing arts industry in the future. Our range of pathways allows you to train in the discipline you love most whilst still benefiting from cross-collaboration with other courses to expand your wider skills and knowledge, preparing you for your next steps in the performing arts.


ESPA, the core of my training, is a haven of respect, talent, love, and guidance. It's my second home, and I'm grateful for the unwavering support from this incredible institution


"ESPA's nurturing tutors shared industry knowledge, guiding us rightly. Now in my 3rd year at my dream school, Performers College, I'm astounded by my achievements, thanks to ESPA."


"ESPA offers personalised feedback, fostering growth beyond belief in a safe, welcoming environment. I believe anyone could benefit from their training."

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