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Student Work Experience / Placements

Work experience is a key component of a student's study programme. The term work experience refers to all forms of work-related activity including work tasters, running a student enterprise, participation in social action, volunteering or a work placement taken with an external employer. All students are expected to undertake work experience as part of their study programme, the type of work experience undertaken will be determined by the course set up.

External Work Placement

A majority of Level 2 and 3 students will undertake an external work placement. You will be advised of the dates of your work experience by your Course Coordinator and the Work Experience Team, students are to find their own work placement and inform the work experience team by completing the online request from 4 weeks before the start date.

The Work Experience Team will complete all Health and Safety/Safeguarding checks and send a confirmation email to the student and employer.

Internal Work Placement

Internal work placements are reserved for Entry Level/ Level 1 student's or students with a specific support requirements that would make attending an external placement challenging. Internal placements follow the same process as external placements and students are to inform the work experience team by completing the online request form 4 weeks before the start date.

Work Related Learning

Work related learning can be made up of student enterprise, social action or live briefs. Students will be given direction by Course Coordinators/Tutors as to the project aims.


Volunteering is required within some courses in order to complete a unit of study. Course Coordinators will guide students as to whether this is a group volunteering project or if the student will be required to follow the external work placement process in order for the hours to be counted towards their qualification.

Benefits to Students Include:

  • Gain a real insight into the industry you are studying
  • Develop technical skills and knowledge- further opportunities to learn beyond the classroom
  • Network- gain a reference or employment

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